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STEEL CLIK provides effective solutions for steel users and projects worldwide. Our extensive industry experience has seen us play an important role in a number of world-class projects including

  • YAMAL Project – the world’s largest LNG project located in Russia. STEEL CLIK supplied over 3,600mt hollow sections & beams with Charpy impact level reaching 127J at-50`C
  • Bulldozer SD90 with Shantui – the largest producer of dozers worldwide. STEEL CLIK supplied critical parts including finished track shoes with up to 318mm pitch for the undercarriage.
  • Shanghai Yangshan Deepwater Port Phase IV - the world’s busiest port. STEEL CLIK supplied a complete set of 4650mt superior quality crane rails of European origin, together with clips and pads from Gantrex of Belgium.

STEEL CLIK are also actively serving a range of other industries, including offshore, shipbuilding, automotive and the defence industry, alongside others. Our mission is to help our clients reduce the time taken for clients to source products and eliminate unnecessary processes to ultimately add value to their business.

With ISO9001 certification, STEEL CLIK stops at nothing to ensure we supply superior quality products, every time.

  • We understand industry markets and our customers’ requirements 
  • We understand our own strengths and weaknesses in market competition 
  • We identify the areas in which we can differentiate ourselves
  • We provide our clients with quality products and value for money
  • We innovate and grow every day

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