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Coke Oven

Refractories for coke ovens and coke plant peripherals maintenance and replacement.Coke oven refractories need excellent mechanical strength at high temperatures and volumetric stability. Silica bricks, which show sufficiently high refractoriness under load and reliable volumetric stability, are recommended for the bricks to construct both chambers.

The line of products for Coke Plants includes standard shapes, special shapes, checker, pre-shaped blocks, bricks for coke-side and machine-side doors, pre-shaped parts for loading entrances and a diverse range of monolithic products, such as refractory concretes, insulation, gunning mixes, pumpable mixes, mortars, sealing materials for doors and loading entrances, among others.



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Hot Blast Stove

The hot stove is a heat-storage type of heat-exchanging furnace that produces hot blasts blown through tuyeres into the blast furnace. So the hot stove refractories must be sufficiently durable against compression under high temperature for a long time showing as little deformation as possible.

The line of products for Hot Blast Stoves includes silica bricks, andalusite bricks, low creep high alumina bricks, low creep fireclay bricks etc.


  • Volumetric stability at relatively high temperatures
  • Little residual shrinkage
  • High specific heat
  • Thermal spalling resistance
  • Corrosion resistance

Dome Pre-assembly


Ceramic Burner Stove Pre-assembly












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Blast Furnace

The blast furnace generally consists of several major portions of the shaft, belly, bosh, tuyere, taphole and bottom. Need carefully selecting the refractory materials which are appropriate for each respective part.A variety of shaped and unshaped refractory materials for new installations and repairs to Blast Furnaces:

• Silica-Alumina;
• Alumina;

• ASC (Alumina-Silicon Carbide-Carbon);

• Silicon carbide (self-bonding, Silicon Nitride bonding, and Sialon bonding)

Monolithic Refractories


Blast Furnace-Tuyere


Taphole Preassembly


Micro hole Al2O3-SiC-C Bricks







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Torpedo Ladle

Torpedo ladles, as the containers transferring molten iron tapped from blast furnaces up to steel-making plants, major use Al2O3-SiC-C bricks which have corrosion resistance and thermal spalling resistance.

Offers the whole spectrum of refractory materials used in torpedoes:

• Silica-alumina;
• High Alumina;
• ASC (alumina-silicon carbide-carbon);
• AMC (alumina-magnesia-carbon).













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Electric Arc Furnace

Full range of refractory products for electric arc furnaces needs, like:

• Magnesia bricks (fired) for the safety lining;
• Mag-carbon bricks for the working lining;

•Gunning mix;

• Dry bottom ramming mix;

• Tapholes .


Mg-C Bricks


Taphole Sleeves and Porus Plugs


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The requirement of converter refractories are different for each furnace section: furnace bottom, tapping side wall, charging side wall, trunnion side wall, etc.

The relevant bricks need good thermal spalling resistance, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, oxidation resistance etc. Majors are magnesia carbon bricks and magnesia bricks. Can design and supply refractories according to customer's requirement.


Mg-C Bricks for converter

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A steel ladle is a container for transferring molten steel tapped from the converter or the electric arc furnaces up to the casting shop, reserving the steel during casting and occasionally during secondary refining of the steel. The refractory lining must meet the specific requirements according to the steel grades produced, and the metallurgic processes that are utilized.

Represented by MgO-C bricks for the slag line, and alumina-magnesia-carbon (AMC) and magnesia-alumina-carbon (MAC) bricks for the sidewall and bottom of the steel ladle refractory lining.

Rich experience to offers refractory solutions that conform to the operational conditions, optimizing performance and generating excellent benefits.



Mg-C bricks for Ladle

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RH degasser

RH degassers are the most common among various secondary-refining furnaces, traditionally are lined with magnesia-chrome bricks. Re-bonded bricks are used in the high-wear regions – legs, throats and lower vessel, and directly bonded bricks are used for the remainder of the degasser – intermediate vessel, upper vessel, hot off take.

We offer an extensive product range of shaped and monolithic refractories for RH degasser , which is manufactured from premium grade raw materials.

RH Lower Vessel Preassembly


RH Bottom Preassembly


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Steel Flow Control Refractories

Safety, quality, and reliability are essential in the Continuous Casting Steel Flow Control area. We offer high-performance refractory materials with excellent cost-benefit ratio as following:

  • Ladle sliding gate
  • Shroud
  • Stopper control and tundish sliding gate

Tundish nozzle or submerged entry shrouds or submerged entry shroud exchanger

Sliding Gates









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Slide gate plate

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