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Spare Parts Suppliers China


Provide a vast range of refractory products for metallurgical industry, offer customized solutions depending on customer requirements.

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Spare Parts Suppliers China

Chock,Bearing Housing

Chocks are the key parts for rolling mill or skin pass mill. They are supporting rollers rotating in high speed to get the strip rolled and reach the function of roller changing. 
We have good references of supply chocks for different sizes of work rolls, intermediate rolls and back-up rolls in hot & cold rolling mills.

Chemical composition and microelement are well been controlled, inner quality and visual surface quality are excellent. Non-destructive tests performed on castings and forgings, specialized high-precision CNC machine tools to ensure perfect dimensions.



The top level quality bearing housings for continuous casting machines, welds by certified and experienced welders, machining is done by advanced CNC machines such as CNC lathe, CNC milling and boring machine, CNC machining center. Reputed with good feedbacks from end users.




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Spare Parts Suppliers China


Forged Steel Rolls

Cold Work Roll max weight 25ton, Dia.1020mm;

Hot Mill Roll max weight 75ton, Dia.1600mm;

Back-up Roll max weight 75ton, Dia.2000mm.


Material: Toll Steel, High-Speed Steel, Alloy Forged Steel like 70Cr3Mo, 9Cr2 Mo, 42CrMo etc.

Used for: Work Rolls, IMR (Intermediate Rolls), Back-up rolls for Hot Mill or Cold Rolling Mill , Skin Pass Mill, general 4 HI Mill and tandem mill etc.

Back-up roll for hot & cold mills

Forged Rolls





Cast Iron Steel Rolls

Work Roll max Dia.1600mm, Barrel Length 6500mm, weight 85ton;

Back-up Roll max Dia.2000mm, weight 80ton


         Material: Cast Steel, Adamite, Graphitic Steel, Duplex Cast Steel, Tool Steel, HSS, HCr Steel, HCr Iron, ICDP, Nodular Cast Iron.

Used for:     1. Work rolls of hot strip mill

2. Back-up Rolls

3. Common mill rolls etc.


Cast Iron Rolls



Chrome Alloy Cast Rolls



Continuous Casting Rolls:

Rolls for continuous casting machines with good anti-erosion and corrosion resistance, wear resistance, thermal fatigue resistance.

Variety: Roller table, pinch roll, straightening roll, withdraw roll, guide roll, driving roll, bending roll, foot-roller etc.







Trade Terms: EXW,FOB,CIF
Spare Parts Suppliers China


CLIK supply  bearings used in different processes, such as slewing Bearings for Ladle Turret, Bearings for continuous cast line(Double-row spherical roller bearings, Double-row spherical roller split bearings, Single, double-row cylindrical roller/split bearings, Needle Roller Bearings, CARB Bearing), bearings used for converter, rolling mill bearings, deep groove ball bearings, spherical roller bearings etc.

Slewing bearings are large-sized bearings specifically designed to accommodate oscillating movements. The outside dimension of slewing bearings is up to 11meters (the largest at present). The rotating accuracy is up to class p5.


Rolling mill bearings are high-accuracy bearings used for accuracy sheet rolling mills. The dimensional accuracy and rotating accuracy of rolling mill bearings are required up to class P4 and P2. Besides the mutual difference of depth of the section is required highly too.

Include Double row, four row tapered roller bearings; Double row, four-row cylindrical roller bearings; Sealed four row tapered roller bearings; SM rolling mill bearings etc.


Trade Terms: EXW,FOB,CIF
Spare Parts Suppliers China

Gear Wheel, Gear Box

For the gear products, a full range of supply high-precision large & medium gear wheels, gearboxes, gear couplings etc. With solid technology, reliable quality, and service excellence, our gears are reputed in the power transmission.


Gear Wheel:

Large gear wheel is extensively used in most of the mills and kiln drive system. The gear wheel is one of the highest cost components in the entire drive assembly and with high precision requirements. Outside diameter from 1,000mm to 14,000mm according to customer’s drawing requirements.



Gear Shaft





Gear boxes are widely used in metallurgical industry, products range from special gearboxes and general gearboxes for various smelting and rolling equipment. We have become an indispensable cooperative partner in sustainable development for users, and have established long-term strategic cooperative relationships with first-class metallurgical group in Europe and Asia.






Trade Terms: EXW,FOB,CIF
Spare Parts Suppliers China

Custom Made Parts

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Spare Parts Suppliers China

Saw Blade


Various of circular saw blades with more than 2,000 specifications, including metal hot-cutting circular saw blade (Φ800-2500mm), metal cold-cutting circular saw blade (Φ300-1600mm), TCT circular saw blade (Φ300-2200mm), HSS segmental circular saw blade (Φ630-1430mm), and diamond circular saw blank (Φ300-3500mm).


Metal hot-cutting circular saw blade


Metal hot-cutting circular saw blade can be applied for cutting steel bar, steel tube and steel sections made of carbon steel, alloy steel, bearing steel, and HS tool steel. The cutting temperature is over 750°C. It is made of good spring steel with the process of heat treating and machining. Excellent mechanical property of the body as well as the high hardness and abrasion performance of the teeth tip ensure the instant cutting with safety and quality.


Metal cold-cutting circular saw blade


Metal cold-cutting circular saw blade can be utilized for cutting ERW tubes and cold-rolled steel section like H-beam, I-beam, channel steel, angle steel, etc. under the normal temperature. It is made of good spring steel and low alloy steel with the process of heat treating and machining. It features in good rigidity, high intensity as well as convenient operation.


TCT circular saw blade


TCT circular saw blade for steel is one metal cutting tool equipped with special sawing machine. It is combined with tungsten carbide tips brazed onto the alloy steel body. Its cutting efficiency can be 5-10 times of traditional HSS segmental circular saw blade. The diameter range we can produce now is 320-2200mm. It is suitable for cutting rounds, pipes and sections made of carbon steel, alloy steel, casting steel, aluminum, copper, etc. in the industries like sections mills, pipes mills, rail mills and machinery mills.



Ultra-thin TCT Circular Saw Blade is made of special material through special process and suitable for cutting all kinds of metal rounds, pipes, etc. It features in good mechanical properties, high wear-resisting properties, excellent cutting quality, high cutting efficiency, power saving, material saving, noise reducing, safety operation, etc. 

Its cutting width is only about 1.5 times of band saw, but the cutting efficiency is 10 times of that and has better cutting quality. So it is widely applied as material cutting or sampling in precise machinery, auto industry and metallurgical industry. It will be definitely the substitutes for band saw, traditional circular saw blade and shear cutters.


HSS segmental circular saw blade is combined with HSS segments mounted onto alloy steel body through rivets. It can be used for cutting all kinds of billets and sections made of carbon steel, alloy steel and casting steel.


Band Saw Blades


Various bi-metal band saw blades for metal cutting, products are involved in M42, Powder HSS, Carbide band saw blades with excellent quality and professional performance.



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Spare Parts Suppliers China

LED Lighting

LED lightings been certified by domestic and international authorities with high efficiency, high brightness and lots of energy savings.  Including LED emitters, LED power supplies, and LED lights for both indoor and outdoor applications.

For example high bay LED fixtures are designed to replace metal halide lamps that are mostly used in warehouses, gymnasiums, gas stations, general manufacturing and tasks areas, toll plazas, and convention centers.  In comparison, our LED high bay fixtures last four times as long with up to 60 percentage energy savings.



High Bay



LED Flood Light


Trade Terms: EXW,FOB,CIF