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Trade Terms: EXW,FOB,CIF
Payment Term: L/C,T/T

Product Description

Forged Steel Rolls

Cold Work Roll max weight 25ton, Dia.1020mm;

Hot Mill Roll max weight 75ton, Dia.1600mm;

Back-up Roll max weight 75ton, Dia.2000mm.


Material: Toll Steel, High-Speed Steel, Alloy Forged Steel like 70Cr3Mo, 9Cr2 Mo, 42CrMo etc.

Used for: Work Rolls, IMR (Intermediate Rolls), Back-up rolls for Hot Mill or Cold Rolling Mill , Skin Pass Mill, general 4 HI Mill and tandem mill etc.

Back-up roll for hot & cold mills

Forged Rolls





Cast Iron Steel Rolls

Work Roll max Dia.1600mm, Barrel Length 6500mm, weight 85ton;

Back-up Roll max Dia.2000mm, weight 80ton


         Material: Cast Steel, Adamite, Graphitic Steel, Duplex Cast Steel, Tool Steel, HSS, HCr Steel, HCr Iron, ICDP, Nodular Cast Iron.

Used for:     1. Work rolls of hot strip mill

2. Back-up Rolls

3. Common mill rolls etc.


Cast Iron Rolls



Chrome Alloy Cast Rolls



Continuous Casting Rolls:

Rolls for continuous casting machines with good anti-erosion and corrosion resistance, wear resistance, thermal fatigue resistance.

Variety: Roller table, pinch roll, straightening roll, withdraw roll, guide roll, driving roll, bending roll, foot-roller etc.