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Top Charging Equipment

There are two kinds of top charging system, bell top equipment and bell-less top equipment.  Bell-less top is the development trend of large- and medium capacity blast furnaces in the world, with the advantages of flexible distributing, good sealing, capital saving, low operation costs, easy maintenance, long service life, high sufficiency, stable output and environment friendly; and meanwhile, it can decrease the coke ratio to improve the quality of hot metal.

Main Spare Parts of Bf Bell-Less Top Equipment

• Protection plate for receiving hopper
• Stock-stopping valve
• Upper and lower sealing valve
• Protection plate for weighing hopper
• Regulation valve for weighing
• Distributing chute and its protection plate                 
• Probe

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Stave Cooler

Stave cooler is the cooling equipment inside blast furnace, between furnace shell and furnace lining; the main material is cast iron, cast steel or copper.  Function is to cool the furnace shell and prevent from the overheating and subsequent burn through.  The stave need perfect anti-crack ability against temperature shock, non-deformity from the temperature change and wear resistant mechanical properties.

Cast Iron Stave Coolers

  •  Advanced technology to guarantee accurate water pipe positioning

  •  Special casting technology to improve protection of the internal pipe wall; no oxidization occurs; heat conducting effect is guaranteed.

Cast Steel Stave coolers

   • Good reliable quality & heat conductivity

   •  No air clearance between cast steel stave and steel tube

   •  Special treatment on the steel tube and others guarantees tube from smelting during hot metal casting, and without oxidation inside steel tube for reliable metallurgical combination

Copper Stave Coolers

Copper staves play a vital role in ensuring that the blast furnaces operate with optimum cooling characteristics, it will protect the furnace wall and increase the service life of the whole furnace system.



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Hydraulic Mud Gun&Driller

Mud gun machines, which perform one of the most important and critical operations in blast furnace ,are applied to close the tapholes. Our mud gun machines noted the reliability, high-quality, long-term failure-free operations, ease of maintenance, and high-level of serviceability.

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Hot Metal Torpedo Car

Hot metal torpedo car is designed for transportation of hot metal from furnace to casting machines and steelmaking units. And has the combined functions of hot metal ladle car and mixer, which can transfer hot metal to steel making workshop for converter steel making directly.  Varity torpedo cars with types from 150t to 450t.

Features of torpedo car

•High capacity of molten iron

•Good insulating property, low heat loss rate of molten metal

•Energy conservation and low consumption

•Nice maneuverability

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Tuyere devices are designed to supply hot air blast and natural gas through the air tuyere to the furnace well.


Features of Tuyere

• Good sealing effects without blast leakage

•Outer shell temperature is low which can reduce heat loss and improves safety coefficient.

 •Long campaign life due to good sealing effects and low outer shell temperature.

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Metallurgical Valves

Variety types of specialized valve for different applications in the blast furnace process.  

The valves designed to meet and exceed the most severe operating conditions to be expected in blast furnace operation. They are designed for long service life, high reliability, and ease of maintenance.


Supply Hot Blast Valves as follows :

Hot blast valve,   back draught valve,   air mixing valve,   gas shut off valve,   air shut off valve,   gas combustion valve,   chimney valve,   cold blast valve,   pressurizing valve,   snort valve,   butterfly control valve,   gas bleeder valve, equalizing & relief valve and blower transfer valve etc.


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On-line Dust Sensor

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