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MROClik, a member platform of, Steel Clik supplies products varying from consumables, equipment, and spare parts to custom made services in every aspect involved in the metallurgical industry. Applications cover fields of mining, iron making, steel making , continuous casting , steel rolling as well as after rolling . We are devoted to providing reliable products and optimizing services such as planning, on-site survey, manufacturing supervision and after-sales .

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Category Specification FOB China
Recarburizer, Carbon Additive Graphitized Petroleum Coke(GPC) low sulfur high carbon C 99%min $500
Magnesium Ingot 99.9% min $1855
Mg Granules desulfurizer 97% $2100
Refractories Silica Brick   $400
Magnesia Caron Brick   $650
High Alumina Brick GL-85 Al2O3 85% $500
GL-75 Al2O3 75% $400
GL-65 Al2O3 65% $300
Carbon Products Graphite Electrode RP Dia. 400mm $1800
HP Dia. 400mm $1900
UHP Dia. 400mm $2000
Specication Graphitized Petroleum Coke(GPC) low sulfur high carbon C 99%min
FOB China $500
Specication Ingot 99.9% min, Mg Granules desulfurizer 97%
FOB China $1855,$2100
Specication Silica Brick, Magnesia Caron Brick, High Alumina Brick(GL-85 Al2O3 85%, GL-75 Al2O3 75%, GL-65 Al2O3 65%)
FOB China $400,$650,$500,$400,$300,$1800,$1900,$2000
Specication Graphite Electrode(RP Dia. 400mm, HP Dia. 400mm, UHP Dia. 400mm)
FOB China ---

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